Suffield Athletic Hall Of Fame Scholarships

Each year since 2009 the Suffield Athletic Hall of Fame has awarded scholarships to student athletes.

The criteria is as follows:
  • Candidates must be attending Suffield High School, or be a resident of Suffield attending Suffield Academy
  • Candidates must be a graduating Senior
  • Candidates should be student athletes who treat people fairly, have the respect of everyone, and display sportsmanship on the playing fields
Applications for the next recipients will be available in the winter of 2018

2017   Ryan Cleaves (Suffield High School) 
2017   McKenzie Rusczyk (Suffield High School)

2016   Julia Picard (Suffield High School) 
2016   Daniel Bahl (Suffield High School)

2015   Emily Lowe (Suffield Academy)
2015   Thomas Rigby (Suffield High School)

2014   Mariah Peck (Suffield High School)
2014   Ben Woodhouse(Suffield High School)

2013   Nur Hamiden (Suffield High School)
2013   Jack Patterson (Suffield Academy)

2012   Jake Picard (Suffield High School)
2012  Peri Stevens (Suffield High School)

2011  Allyson Pasquariello (Suffield High School)
2011  Peter Zaffetti (Suffield High School)

2010  Angie Moskwa (Suffield High School)
2010  Tommy Uszakiewicz (Suffield Academy)

2009  Kayla Fahle (Suffield High School)
2009  Michael Cristina (Suffield High School)

Past Scholarship Recipients